A YouTube owned American streaming platform featuring both on-demand content and live-television channels. It is a subscription-grounded online streaming service that offers content from more than 90 tv channels and major broadcast networks including sports, entertainment, and news.
It is a fully owned Google company administered by YouTube and accessible only in the US with the excellent feature of unlimited cloud storage and digital video recorder (DVR) where user can record their live-tv content and keep it for more than 9 months in their library while maintaining their subscription/membership.


Youtube tv is an online “Tv streaming service” completely owned by “Google” and operated by YouTube. It was launched back in 2017 in five selected cities in the US, it was created to cater to the market trend and demand of Cord cutters who were moving to online streaming by calling off their subscription with multichannel satellite and cable tv networks.


What are YouTube TV’s features?

It is a multi-featured tv streaming service offering multiple features at the base plan subscription as:

Account Sharing:

it’s a family-friendly feature on YouTube tv that allows the subscriber to share upto 6-accounts with a single subscription at even a base plan.

Personalized recommendation:

YouTube TV runs a recommendation algorithm based on the past view history of a particular account and gives personalized recommendations on each account; which means all six account holders will be getting personalized streaming recommendations.

3 Simultaneous streams:

A single membership can be shared with up to six accounts but of those, only on 3 accounts and devices a user can stream at the single same time under a single subscription.

Unlimited DVR space for all:

one of the most prominent features of YouTube is it provides unlimited cloud DVR storage where a user can store an unlimited number of its favorite shows for up to 9 months, also only the user has to add the show to the library and then YouTube will save all the episode with time.

Streaming in 4K:

“YouTube Tv” has the 4k streaming feature available in their base subscription plan that enables the users to watch and download their favorite tv shows and on-demand content in 4K quality.
Dark Mode:  Nothing could be a better feature than dark mode while watching any dark-colored movie or show. YouTube tv offers a dark mode that reduces the screen brightness which helps users refrain from eye pain.

Picture-in-picture mode:

This feature of YouTube is especially for those who are multitaskers and do many things on a single screen then this feature will lessen the video size that can be moved anywhere on the screen.


How much does YouTube TV cost?

YouTube Tv has two types of basic subscription packages for its users apart from add-on packages:

Youtube TV Base plan:

  • Price: $64.99/Month.
  • Access to more than 90 live television channels.
  • On-Demand content.
  • Unlimited cloud space for DVR.
  • Account sharing to 6 households.
  • 3 Simultaneous stream.

This is the most basic package on YouTube tv with no contractual agreement that can be canceled anytime the user wants. This plan can be on air on multiple devices such as Smart Phones, smart TVs, and game consoles. it is no less expensive than any cable tv network because it has access to more than 100 live channels of all genres including sports, entertainment, broadcast, documentaries, and entertainment.

  • YouTube TV Spanish plan:

  • Price: $34.99/Month
  • Access to more than 30 Spanish networks.
  • Unlimited DVR cloud storage.
  • Account sharing up to 6 households
  • 3 Simultaneous streams.

YouTube tv has an exclusive plan separate from its base plan that sells for $35  per month with almost the same offering as the base plan, that provides exposure to more pool of more than 30 Spanish language channels covering sport, entertainment, and news.

  • Adds on packages: 

These packages are in addition to the base plan if the subscribers want to spend more on making their experience better and increasing their excess to content, with these packages users can choose their subscription package as per their interest and that will add up more channels to watch on.

  • 4K Plus ($20 a month after a one-month trial; $10 for the first year for early adopters):

This package can be added to the basic monthly plan that gives access to watch and download shows and all in 4K quality to make the streaming experience more satisfying.

  • Spanish Plus ($10 for first six months; $15 after):

Subscribing to this additional package that will apply to the “YouTube tv base plan” will give access to 25 plus Spanish language channels with no need to subscribe to the “Spanish base plan”.

  • HBO Max ($13 a month):

Signing this will give access to all the shows and VOD  from the HBO Max library.

  • Hallmark Movies Now ($6 a month):

you can access all the movies collection on Hallmark by adding this to the base plan as well as can sign it alone at the same price.

  • Sports Plus ($11 a month, or $80 annually):

if you are a sports lover nothing would matter more  than watching more and more sports content, you can add this package to your base plan and access extra sports channels alongside their base plan.

  • NBA League Pass ($15 a month, or $50 a year):

signing to this additional package with a base plan will give access to watch out-of-market live regular NBA games.

  • Entertainment Plus ($30 a month):

This is a bundled discount package including access to HBO Max, Showtime, and Starz with a single subscription along with the base plan subscription, also can signup for the exclusive add-on.

  • UP Faith & Family ($6 a month):

This add-on gives you the experience of friendly-friendly entertainment with no ad interruption alongside a YouTube tv base plan.


Available in the Following Regions:

Like most of the Tv streaming services, “YouTube Tv” can only be accessed in a specific region.  it is available throughout “The United States of America”  even while traveling just you need to have internet access. Your streaming experience could vary while traveling as variations in ZIP code will affect the availability of local networks.
Internationally YouTube can not be accessed directly due to its geo-restriction in the US region only, but it can be accessed with Virtual Private Network (VPN) by setting the location of the US.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) will help you in creating a fake IP address that will make it difficult for a hacker and your internet service provider to track you or hack your operating system and damage your privacy, additionally, you can access geo-restricted sites and services all around the world with the help of VPN that will direct your location to the region you set.
You can access YouTube Tv from anywhere around the world with the use of a VPN by tricking the streaming service.

Some of the trustful and best VPNs you can use are:

  1. Express VPN.
  2. Nord VPN.
  3. SurfShark.
  4. CyberGhost.
  5. Private VPN.


What is YouTube Tv supported devices?

Unlike other streaming services, YouTube tv is more compatible in terms of accessibility on multiple devices, you can not easily use YouTube Tv on your tablets, laptops, and smartphones. People want the comfort of lying in a bed while streaming any live tv channel on screen even though despite its comprehensiveness it can not be accessed on many devices.
Some of the supported devices to access YouTube Tv:


  • IOS Mobile devices (10 X or higher)
  • Android Mobile devices.

Streaming Media players:

  • Apple TV (4rth generation & 4k)
  • Chromecast
  • Roku Player
  • Amazone Fire TV
  • Trevo Stream 4K

Smart TVs: 

  • Samsung smart TV (a model after 2016)
  • Android TV
  • LG smart TV
  • Roku Smart TV
  • Vizio Smart cast
  • Sharp Smart TV

Game Consoles:

  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series ( Series X and Series S)


  • Linux
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • ChromeOS


Content Library

“YouTube TV” has a pool of diversified content including both live television channels and Videos on-demand as it lets you watch more sports, news, entertainment, and games from more than 100 broadcasting channels and also you can browse from numerous channels such as Comedy Central, National Geographic, Disney Channel, AMC,  and more to watch the on-demand content.


Some of the famous and high ranked TV shows on YouTube tv:

  • The Old Man (2022)
  • Alone (2015)
  • The Villans of Valley View (2022)
  • WestWorld (2016)
  • Killing Eve (2018)
  • When we left earth: The Nasa Mission (2008)
  • Escape the Night (2016)
  • Cobra Kai (2018)

YouTube Tv has a wide network of local and National sports channels where you can stream locally broadcasted sports leagues and shows. They have digital streaming rights for famous sports tv channels like NFL Network, NBA Network, and ESPN.

Some famous Sports shows and leagues you can watch on YouTube tv at the base plan:

  • Basketball at Tokyo 2022
  • Premiere League
  • Champion League
  • Tennis at Tokyo 2020
  • NFL live
  • World of X games
  • WWE Friday Night SmackDown
  • NCAAM basketball Tournament
  • World Poker Tour: Season 12
  • B1G Football in 60
  • Formula One

If you are a person with an interest in live news updates and political talks then YouTube Tv streaming service to watch out for as it has a network of more than 200 news and talk shows for you featuring both the local channel varying from area to area.



Overall, YouTube TV is a popular option for cord-cutters looking for an affordable and convenient way to access live TV and on-demand programming. With its broad selection of channels, user-friendly interface, and flexible viewing options, it is no surprise that it has become a popular choice for TV viewers.


YouTube TV offers over 85 channels, including: ABC CBS FOX NBC AMC BBC America Bravo Cartoon Network CNN Disney Channel

the monthly subscription cost for YouTube TV is $64.99, with no long-term contract required. However, pricing and availability may vary based on your location and any recent updates to YouTube TV's pricing structure.
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