Loyal fans of Netflix’s The Dragon Prince were in for a pleasant surprise when the streaming service unexpectedly released the latest season sooner than expected.

The highly anticipated Season 5 premiered on July 22, five days ahead of its original July 27 release date, as announced at the scrambling San Diego Comic-Con panel.


@TheCartoonBase announces Netflix’s early release of The Dragon Prince garnering their tweet over 6.6K Views:


The Dragon Prince first appeared on our screens in 2018, enthralling audiences with its mesmerizing story of two royal siblings, Princes Ezran and Callum, played by Sasha Rojen and Jack De Sena, respectively. When an elven infiltrator named Rayla (voiced by Paula Burrows) enters the royal corridors, the plot thickens. Instead of forecasting conflict, her presence fosters an unexpected kinship among the young princes. They start on a quest to bring peace between the magical realm of Xadia and the world of humankind, bound together by a shared mission to protect a dragon prince’s precious egg. Throughout this enthralling adventure, the malevolent Viren, played by Jason Simpson, lurks in the background with his sights set on the throne.

What to Expect in The Dragon Prince Season 5

The Dragon Prince Season 5 Surprises Fans By Hitting Netflix Screens Sooner Than Expected

Previous episodes offered fans an unexpected narrative jump, transporting them two years into the future at the start of Season 4. With Viren’s army defeated, the various lands hesitantly enjoyed a momentary truce. However, like with all excellent stories, the peace is temporary. Claudia, played by Racquel Belmont, stuns the audience by reviving the previously defeated Viren, thereby revealing the Mystery of Aaravos arc. At the end of the season, Claudia and Terry (voiced by Benjamin Callins), in a panic, forget an important staff member. Because of this carelessness, Viren is vulnerable and could probably be possessed. This sets the foundation for an engrossing Season 5, with Terry and Claudia’s efforts to save Viren taking center stage. Callum, Ezran, Rayla, and Soren (voiced by Jesse Inocalla) have to rally alliances at the same time in order to face the oncoming threat of the Startouch Elves.


What actually sets The Dragon Prince apart from the others is the powerful team behind its making. The show was created and written by the renowned duo of Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz, whose resume includes shows such as Futurama and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Famous directors, including Villads Spangsberg, George Samilksi, Lih Liau, and Giancarlo Volpe, are steering this ship on its aesthetic adventure. Along with Ehasz and Richmond, this remarkable trio serves as executive producers. Devon Giehl, Iain Hendry, and Neil Mukhopadhy join them. A superb vocal cast led by Adrian Petriw, Omari Newton, and Rena Anakwe rounds out this ensemble.


The Dragon Prince carves a spot for itself amid Netflix’s renowned lineup with its fifth installment. While many shows on the platform are cancelled after only a season or two, this series stands tall as one of the platform’s longest-running original works.


The Dragon Prince Season 5 is now available on Netflix since July 22 for anyone anxious to plunge into the latest installment.


You can watch The Dragon Prince Season 5 official trailer on Youtube:

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