New Girl star Max Greenfield mentions a Deep Cut reference from season 2 while paying tribute to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The musical sensation, who is presently on a blockbuster global tour, appeared as a guest star on the Fox sitcom in 2013. Swift featured as Elaine in the season 2 finale, interrupting Cece’s (Hannah Simone) scheduled wedding to Shivrang (Satya Bhabha). Elaine declares her love for Shivrang, and the two flee the ceremony mid-way together. Swift’s song “Speak Now” inspired the humorous incident. The interruption prompts Cece to reveal her genuine feelings to Greenfield’s Schmidt.

Greenfield mentioned the New Girl season 2 episode while attending Swift’s Eras Tour stop in Los Angeles, honoring the star’s participation via a friendship bracelet. You can check it out below:

@iammaxgreenfield posted a photo of the friendship bracelet at the Eras Tour show. The Instagram post earned 335K+ Likes:


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A tour tradition involves fans trading friendship bracelets at the show, which is inspired by one of Swift’s lyrics. Greenfield flaunts his bracelets in a series of Instagram images, including one that reads “Elaine’s Big Day,” a reference to the program in which Swift appeared.

How Taylor Swift Influenced New Girl

The bracelet was well-received, as there is a lot of crossover between Swift fans and New Girl audiences. Jess (Zooey Deschanel), the show’s lead star and an outspoken, quirky teacher, is a prime example of a Swift fan who is also proud of it. In a scene that has now become a viral meme, Jess is shown crying with a glass of wine in her hand, stating, “I just wanted to listen to Taylor Swift alone.

Swift is frequently referenced in New Girl. Characters citing a “Taylor Swift-like range of emotions” or referring to her high-profile shift to New York City are prime examples. Furthermore, in the previously mentioned viral moment with Jess, Nick (Jake Johnson) dances to the song “22” for an extended period of time.

While Swift’s cameo appearance on New Girl created a minor plot hole, there is no disputing her influence on the show. Each character, like Swift’s music, is experiencing early adulthood, growing up, and figuring out life one step at a time. Swift’s songs may be the ideal soundtrack for the series since it deals with romance challenges, friendship obstacles and struggles and more. While New Girl remains a fan favorite from the 2010s, it’s evident that its cast remember it fondly as well.

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