Can you watch the gentlemen on Netflix in the USA? You would be surprised to know that even if you are a USA resident and want to watch the Geo restricted show like the Gentlemen on Netflix. We have a perfect suggestion for you. Using a VPN like ExpressVPN solves all your problems and facilitates you to trick all your favorite shows.

Unfortunately, the US residents are unable to find the gentlemen on Netflix. But you don’t need to worry about it . One can access the movie on Netflix with the help of certain VPNs and can enjoy watching their desired shows including the gentlemen

The Gentlemen is accessible in the United States if you switch your Netflix region there. Wanna know how to do that? Follow the brief guide below.


How to access The Gentlemen on Netflix in the USA?

If any of the film buff wants to watch The Gentlemen on Netflix in the USA, a VPN is a must. To watch The Gentlemen on Netflix in America, you must follow these easy steps to access Canadian Netflix:

  1. Get an ExpressVPN membership.
  2. Install the app after downloading it to your smartphone.
  3. Obtain a connection to a Canadian server.
  4. Visit the Netflix app on your device to watch The Gentlemen in the USA.


Why is a VPN necessary for the US Netflix users?

Netflix offers us a huge range of selection of award-winning web series, films, animation, documentaries, and a lot of other video content. But the problem is that, due to licensing agreements, one cannot stream exclusive shows due to geographical limitations.

Apart from that, copyright issues with data publishers prevents US viewers from accessing The Gentlemen. The IP address can reveal your location to Netflix, which then restricts your access to a specific movie or TV program. With the usage of VPN tools, one can get beyond these geographic restrictions. With the help of VPNs you can appear to be streaming from any area that is not geographically restricted like Canada.


Best VPNs to watch The Gentlemen

Here are the names and details of some of the best VPNs you can purchase to watch your favorite shows, movies, web series that aren’t easily accessed without the use of VPN.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Surf Shark
  3. Nord VPN

ExpressVPN (Most recommended VPN)

ExpressVPN is the first recommendation by all the sites due to easy accessibility and understandable features. One can watch the gentlemen if they have the IP address of America. The reason that ExpressVPN is more preferable is that its connections are perfectly fixed and supported without any disruption.
Its range of frequency is so fast that any of the video content and movies like the gentlemen can be played with the highest quality. One can also access it even in Spain or Canada.

It has a wide area of network for about 3000+ servers in more than 94 nations. It has connections in more than 20 geographical areas. It not only has a high quality downloading speed of 89.38 million bits per second but also an upload speed of 84.66 million bits per speed on a 100 Mbps connection.


Surf Shark (Budget-friendly VPN)

Surf Shark is one of the most affordable and budget friendly devices to watch geo restricted movies like the gentlemen. It has more than 3200 servers in 60+ countries and 590+ servers in 22+ cities of America. If you are connected with the servers of Surf Shark for the New York one, you can trick different locations with full accuracy and watch your desired movies.

This VPN gives the fastest downloading speed of 88.14 Mbps and a very good upload speed of 83.72 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. One more amazing feature of Surf Shark is that if you go just for a single subscription it can be used many times on different devices at the same time meanwhile one can give access to their friends and family.
With the help of Surf shark, one can access the movie even in Hungary. This server can be accessed on the phones as well as on other desktops.


NordVPN (Biggest Server Network VPN)

NordVPN is one of the most famous VPNs that helps to access content on Netflix. Many movies can be watched in seconds with a number of different  networks. Its specialized network of 1970+ fast America servers and 5540+ servers in 90+ nations functions very constructively.

Only on a connection of 100 million bits per speed, one can get the benefit of the fastest downloading speeds of 86.39Mbps to watch their desired shows. As the NordVPN supports the six same connections, one can easily watch geo restricted movies.


Free VPN to watch the Gentlemen on Netflix In the USA

In some of the phones, laptops and mobile devices, VPNs offer some amazing free trial options. But on a normal basis, The service is not, however, generally provided at free cost. In reality, VPN is a premium service that can be subscribed with different options. One can subscribe for a month, six months, or a year. Different subscriptions cost different amounts.

Furthermore, if you want to know the brief details about “the Gentlemen”, please read the article till the end.


Details of the Movie “The Gentlemen”

Title: The Gentlemen

Release Date: December 3, 2019

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Director: Guy Ritchie

Writer: Guy Ritchie


Casts of the Movie “The Gentlemen”

You must watch it as it is one of the top Netflix films. Its most talented cast is what elevates the film to greatness. The celebrities who have major parts in this film are listed below.

Henry Golding Colin Farrell
Michelle Dockery Jeremy Strong
Hugh Grant Charlie Hunnam
Matthew McConaughey


Movie summary:

Mickey Pearson, an American emigrant, is the main hero in this story. He is born into a life of poverty, he works on a marijuana empire and establishes it in Canada. He is putting all the things up for sale so he can live out for the amazing days with his prettiest wife in peace. To a person who has lastly been arrested by another dealer, he wants to sell his extensive marijuana enterprise.

The true chaos begins at this point. Following the announcement that Pearson is attempting to sell his cannabis and marijuana business, Pearson’s competitors try their nefarious plots to drive down the amount of his company, kidnap his wife, and even attempt to kill Pearson. Despite all of this confusion and disarray, Pearson eventually succeeds in not just escaping but also in leading a happy life.


On what does the movie The Gentlemen base itself?

Guy Ritchie wrote, produced, and directed The Gentlemen by the coordination of Marn Davies and Ivan Atkinson. In January 2020, it was watched in theatres. In this film, a USA expat gives control of his wildly successful marijuana firm to a capable person.
An assassin and Raymond both hurry to Rosalind.While Fletcher, Aslan’s father and a KGB agent, also plays an interesting role in the film as Pearson tries to kill Dry Eye. Overall, it has a captivating plot that is chock full of fraud, blackmail, and scams.



In conclusion, the movie “the Gentlemen” must be available on limited platforms but still, it is popular all around the world. Film buffs search a lot about the sources that can help them watch the movie so here is one more solution. Purchase any of the premium VPN and enjoy.





Without a doubt, it's a movie worth watching because of the Drama, action, and irony abound in it.

No, this movie is based on a made-up action movie.

Is the Gentlemen available on Netflix only?
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