Foxtel is a household name when it comes to the Australian entertainment landscape. While Australia homes several popular streaming services, Foxtel stands out with its compelling content library. It has something for everyone with a range of content, including the latest & historical documentaries, local and international sports, and child-friendly entertainment, among other genres. And if you want the entire library anywhere at your fingertips, Foxtel Go is the app you want. So, what exactly is Foxtel Go? How does it work? How to get it on your favorite device? The article answers all these questions and more to familiarize you with the platform and make you an avid Foxtel Go user.


Foxtel Go hit the market on 7 November 2012 as the app version of Foxtel. With Foxtel Go, you can stay updated with your favorite shows, sports events, and other entertainment while on the ‘go.’

Initially, the app was launched only for iPad users. But now, it is compatible with various platforms as part of a Foxtel subscription. So, you can use Foxtel Go to stream live TV and on-demand shows on portable devices such as your tabs and phones.


How does Foxtel Go work

Foxtel Go is included in your Foxtel subscription. It means you can only watch the content and enjoy the features of the Foxtel package, like the entertainment or sports package, whichever you have purchased. Simply download the Foxtel Go app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store on your preferred device to watch your favorite Foxtel content on the go. You can also enjoy Foxtel Go on your PCs and laptops by going to the Foxtel website and logging in using your Foxtel Go ID.


How much data does Foxtel Go use

Foxtel website states that Foxtel Go uses a maximum of 3.2GB/hour when streaming High Definition content. As for Standard Definition, Foxtel Go uses 1.4GB of data/hour. The app automatically goes for HD streaming when connected to WiFi and will switch to SD on 4G or 3G. However, it also depends on what you select in the data usage settings.


What’s the difference between Foxtel Go and Foxtel Now?

Foxtel Now subscription lets you enjoy certain Foxtel content if you don’t want to buy more expensive bundles. On the other hand, Foxtel Go is a companion app for Foxtel subscriptions, including Foxtel Now. So you can enjoy the entire Foxtel library according to your subscription while you are out and about.



Foxtel Go has various features to enhance your streaming experience. Some significant Foxtel Go features are listed below:

Foxtel TV Guide:

The Foxtel TV guide keeps you updated on all the upcoming programs.

Foxtel IQ Recording:

You can record the program to watch later using Foxtel iQ.

Continue Watching:

This feature lets you pick up on a show where you left off.


You can add shows in the Watchlist to remember which ones you want to see later. The feature saves you from surfing the channels to choose a program whenever you want to watch something good on Foxtel.

Closed Captions:

You can choose to on and off captions on Foxtel Go. Captions are ideal for people with hearing issues and those who prefer t read the dialogues to avoid missing anything while listening. You can easily toggle the closed captions on or off just by a tap on the ‘CC’ logo.

Parental Controls:

Foxtel Go has a wide array of content, some not suitable for children viewing. In that case, parents can set parental controls allowing younger family members to watch G or PG-rated content.

Household Sharing:

The entire family can watch Foxtel GO by connecting one account on 5 devices and streaming simultaneously on two.

Low Data Usage Mode:

When connected to a mobile network, the app automatically converts to low data usage mode.

Watch on the Go:

You can download the app on your handheld devices and watch your favorite shows, even on your commute.

Live TV:

Foxtel Go lets you watch Live TV directly from your device.


Foxtel Go enables you to stream shows according to your package anytime that suits you.

HD Stream/ SD stream:

The app automatically goes for HD streaming when connected to WiFi and will switch to SD on 4G or 3G. However, it also depends on what you select in the data usage settings.


Available in the Following Regions

Fox Go is geo-restricted to Australia. So, you will need a VPN to unblock the platform if you are anywhere else in the world. Foxtel is technologically equipped to detect your location through your IP address. So when you try to stream Foxtel GO from outside Australia, the company instantly knows and blocks you from accessing the content.

On the other hand, when you try to access the streaming service with a VPN connection, your VPN app masks your real IP address with another one through its Australian server. As a result, Foxtel thinks that you are logging in from Australia and grants you smooth access to its entire content library according to your subscription plan.

However, not all VPNs are equipped with unlimited resources and robust security features to provide you with a safe and smooth streaming experience. Therefore, we recommend ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and SurfShark, as they are tested and proven to work best with Foxtel GO.


Supported Platforms

Foxtel Go is compatible with various devices, including:

  • iOS-based devices with iOS 9.3.5 or above
  • Apple TV via Foxtel Multiroom and AirPlay
  • Android devices with Android 5 and above
  • PC with Chrome browsers
  • Mac with Safari or Chrome browsers

You can connect your Foxtel Go account to up to five devices. At the same time, you can simultaneously access and stream the content on two of them. You can deregister a device whenever you want, which makes it easy if you’re going to upgrade your device to the latest version.

Foxtel Go allows the entire household to watch their favorite program through multiple streams via Foxtel Multiroom. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy the app on a big screen.

You can easily use Foxtel GO with a VPN on your iOS and Android devices, even outside the US.


How to Open Foxtel GO on Android Devices

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to an Australian server.
  2. Make a new Google ID with Australia as your region.
  3. Open Google Play Store with this new ID and search Foxtel Go app
  4. Download the app on your Android device and start streaming your favorite shows.


How to Open Foxtel GO on iOS Devices

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to an Australian server.
  2. Go to your apple settings and change the region of your Apple ID to Australia.
  3. Now, open the Apple App store with your Apple ID and search for the Foxtel Go app.
  4. Download the app on your iOS device and start streaming your favorite shows.



While the Foxtel Go app is free, users must subscribe to Foxtel to access its content. Following are the subscription plans that Foxtel offers for its worldwide users.

Platinum Plus @ USD 99/ month

  • 50+ channels
  • Over 50 sports plus select sports in 4K Ultra HD1
  • Over 1,000 movies on demand
  • 4 channels for family entertainment
  • 9 channels of crime, home, history, and reality
  • Multiscreen options with the smart TV app or casting
  • No setup costs

Premium @ USD 79/ month

  • 50+ channels
  • Over 50 sports plus select sports in 4K Ultra HD1
  • Over 1,000 movies on demand
  • 4 channels for family entertainment
  • No setup costs

Sports HD @ USD 59/ month

  • 50+ channels
  • Over 50 sports plus select sports in 4K Ultra HD1
  • No setup costs

Movies HD @ USD 54/ month

  • 50+ channels
  • Over 1,000 movies on demand
  • No setup costs

Foxtel Plus Favorites@ USD 59/ month

  • 50+ channels
  • 10 channels of crime, home history, and reality
  • No setup costs


Content Library

Foxtel GO has everything from the different channels it sports for its subscribers. You can access the quantity of content according to your Foxtel subscription plan.


What channels are on Foxtel Go

What you can stream on Foxtel Go depends on the channels you have subscribed to. However, not all Foxtel channels are readily accessible when you want to watch them. Some are only available on-demand, while others can only be seen live. Here is a list of Foxtel Go channels


Channels available in Foxtel Plus pack:

  • Animal Planet; On-demand and Live
  • BBC Earth; On-demand and Live
  • BBC First; On-demand and Live
  • BBC World News; Only Live
  • Bloomberg Television; Only Live
  • Boomerang; On-demand and Live
  • Club MTV; only Live
  • CMT; Only on demand
  • CNBC; Only Live
  • CNN; On-demand and Live
  • Discovery Channel; On-demand and Live
  • E!; On-demand and Live
  • FOX Arena; On-demand and Live
  • FOX Classics; Only on demand
  • Fox Comedy; On-demand and Live
  • FOX Crime; On-demand and Live
  • FOX Funny; On-demand and Live
  • FOX News; Only Live
  • FOX One; On-demand and Live
  • FOX SHOWCASE; On-demand and Live
  • FOX Sleuth; On-demand and Live
  • FOX SPORTS NEWS; Only Live
  • FOX8; On-demand and Live
  • GOOD; On-demand and Live
  • Lifestyle; On-demand and Live
  • MTV Classic; Only on demand
  • MTV Hits; Only Live
  • MTV; On-demand and Live
  • National Geographic; On-demand and Live
  • Nick Jr.; On-demand and Live
  • Nick Music; Only Live
  • PBS Kids; On-demand and Live
  • Sky News Extra; Only Live
  • Sky News UK; Only Live
  • Sky News Weather; Only Live
  • Sky News; On-demand and Live
  • Sky Racing 1; Only Live
  • Sky Racing 2; Only Live
  • Sky Thoroughbred Central; Only Live
  • TLC; On-demand and Live
  • TVSN; Only Live
  • UKTV; On-demand and Live
  • Universal TV; On-demand and Live

Channels in the Sports HD pack

  • Bein Sports 1; On-demand and Live
  • Bein Sports 2; On-demand and Live
  • Bein Sports 3; On-demand and Live
  • Espn; On-demand and Live
  • Espn2; On-demand and Live
  • Fox Cricket; On-demand and Live
  • Fox Footy; On-demand and Live
  • Fox League; On-demand and Live
  • Fox Sports 503; On-demand and Live
  • Fox Sports 505; On-demand and Live
  • Fox Sports 506; On-demand and Live
  • Fox Sports More; On-demand and Live

Channels in the Movies HD pack

  • Lifetime Movie Network; On-demand and Live
  • Movies Action; On-demand and Live
  • Movies Comedy; On-demand and Live
  • Movies Drama; On-demand and Live
  • Movies Family; On-demand and Live
  • Movies Greats; On-demand and Live
  • Movies Hits; On-demand and Live
  • Movies Kids; On-demand and Live
  • Movies Premiere; On-demand and Live
  • Movies Romance; On-demand and Live
  • Movies Thriller; On-demand and Live

Channels in the Favourites pack

  • A&E; On-demand and Live
  • BoxSets; Only Live
  • Crime + Investigation; On-demand and Live
  • Discovery Turbo; On-demand and Live
  • FOX Sci-Fi; On-demand and Live
  • HISTORY; On-demand and Live
  • Investigation Discovery; On-demand and Live
  • Lifestyle Food; On-demand and Live
  • Lifestyle Home; On-demand and Live
  • Nat Geo WILD; On-demand and Live

Channels in Kids’ pack

  • Cartoon Network; On-demand and Live
  • CBeebies; On-demand and Live
  • DreamWorks; On-demand and Live
  • Nickelodeon; On-demand and Live


Bottom line

There are various ways to access and watch Foxtel Go. How you choose depends on your subscription plan, device, lifestyle, and preference for the shows you want to watch. For instance, some of us are avid to binge-watch on our couches. On the other hand, some want to catch up on the latest episodes on the commute. In any ways, Foxtel Go can fit almost seamlessly into our lives.

Since it’s free to download, you can catch up on your favorite shows anywhere with only an internet connection. Foxtel Go is not an essential Foxtel package part, as you can watch your preferred programs even without the app. But since you can download it on your handheld device and watch the content on the GO, having the app on your device is worth it.

Finally, the good thing is that although Foxtel Go is geo-restricted to Australia, anyone living anywhere in the world can stream from the app by using a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and SurfShark as they are reliable, affordable, and secure for all your online activity.


While the Foxtel Go app is free, users must subscribe to Foxtel to access its content.

First, download the Foxtel Go app from the relevant store: App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android Devices. You can also visit on your PC (Chrome browser) or Mac (Chrome or Safari browser). Log in to your Foxtel account with your Foxtel, Foxtel NOW, or Foxtel app ID if you are already a Foxtel subscriber. If you live outside Australia, you must connect to a premium VPN to get an IP address from the VPN's Australian server.  

You can watch Foxtel Go by downloading the app on one of the following compatible devices:  iOS devices with iOS 11 or above Android devices with Android 5.0 and above (13 beta versions are incompatible) PC with Chrome browsers Mac with Safari and Chrome browsers You can also watch Foctel Go directly on the web browser  The most recent updates for your mobile operating system and the app will provide the best experience on your mobile device or tablet.

Foxtel Go users can reduce data use by around 1.4GB per hour by selecting "low" video quality in the app's settings. Anyone using Foxtel Go on a mobile device should know that the app automatically adjusts to a lower data use mode when connected over a mobile network. This does not include hot spot connections.

You can cast content from Foxtel Go to your TV if you have a Foxtel Now, a Multiroom, or a Multiscreen subscription at home. Casting is possible if you have  A Smart TV with a Google Chromecast or Apple TV device attached to your TV. Connect your devices and Tv are connected to the same WiFi network as your registered Foxtel Go device. After everything is set up, all you have to do to stream anything from Foxtel Go to your mobile device and tap the Chromecast or Airplay icon on the video you want to watch.
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