Espn Plus is a subscription-based streaming service that telecasts live sporting events, games, studio shows, original programs, and premium content. This service operates independently and offers distinct content from ESPN or ESPN2. Even if you have ESPN, you need a separate subscription to access it. It is highly favored by sports enthusiasts due to its convenient accessibility, ability to use while on the move, superior content, and reasonable cost.


What does ESPN Plus costs?

Monthly Price $5.99/month
No Of TV Shows & Movies 1000+ sports events, 35+ Shows
Offline downloads Yes
Original Programs Yes
Streaming Quality  HD
Live Streaming  Yes

Compared to other sports subscription services like CBS Sports and Fox Sports, ESPN Plus offers a wider range of sports content for its monthly fee. In contrast, CBS Sports and Fox Sports do not have any exclusive online offerings. On the other hand, NBC Sports Gold charges separately for each sport it provides on its platform. For instance, PGA TOUR Live costs $9.99 per month, while the Philly Pass, featuring the Eagles, Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies, costs $3.99 monthly. TrackPass costs $4.99 per month, and Pro Motocross Pass, Premier Lacrosse League Pass, or Supercross Pass costs $9.99 per year. Cycling Pass costs $54.99 per year, and America’s Cup Pass costs $174.99 per year.


How to sign up for ESPN Plus?

To enroll in ESPN Plus, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Visit on your computer or mobile device.
  • Select “Buy Now” or “Subscribe Now” on the homepage.
  • You can select either a monthly or annual subscription plan.
  • Establish an account by entering your email address and setting up a password.
  • Provide your billing information and confirm your purchase.
  • Access ESPN Plus content on the ESPN website using your computer, or download the ESPN app on your mobile device.
  • Sign in with your ESPN Plus account details to begin streaming sports content.

Remember that ESPN Plus is solely available in the United States, so you must be located in the US to subscribe to the service.


Where can You watch ESPN Plus?

One of the benefits of ESPN Plus is that you can access it using the regular ESPN app, which means that you don’t have to use a separate service. Once you’ve subscribed, all the ESPN Plus content will be unlocked within the ESPN app. This app is available on a wide range of platforms, including phones, tablets, laptops, streaming devices like Roku and Fire TV, as well as gaming consoles like PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox One X|S. Additionally, it can be used on Samsung smart TVs and Android TVs. You can stream most content on up to three devices simultaneously with one account. However, pay-per-view events have a limit of two devices.


What is included in ESPN Plus Programming?

Viewers can access a variety of live sports events on ESPN+, including baseball, college football, hockey, golf, soccer, and many others. Notably, it is the primary platform for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) boxing, and viewers can enjoy exclusive pay-per-view events.

Aside from the abovementioned sports, the ESPN+ library also features other sports such as auto racing, basketball, cricket, lacrosse, rugby, tennis, and WWE.

Furthermore, ESPN+ provides access to ESPN Originals, the complete ESPN 30 for 30 collections, studio shows, and other content. Additionally, subscribers can read premium articles on ESPN’s website that are only available to them.


What is not included in ESPN Plus?

While ESPN Plus offers a wide range of sports content, some things are not included in the service. Here are a few examples:

  • Live sports that are already broadcast on ESPN’s TV channels, such as Monday Night Football and the NBA Finals, are not included in ESPN Plus.
  •  ESPN Plus does not provide access to the full library of content available on ESPN’s TV channels or on-demand streaming service ESPN3.
  • Some sporting events may be subject to blackout restrictions, meaning they may not be available to watch live in certain regions.
  • While ESPN Plus offers live sports events, it does not provide access to live news broadcasts or other non-sports content.
  • Finally, some sports may have specific rights agreements that prevent them from being available on ESPN Plus. For example, some soccer leagues have exclusive streaming deals with other providers.


Does ESPN Plus Telecast UFC PPV and UFC Fight events?

ESPN Plus does telecast UFC PPV (pay-per-view) events as well as UFC Fight Night events. ESPN Plus is the exclusive streaming service for UFC PPV events in the United States. To watch UFC PPV events on ESPN Plus, you need to have an ESPN Plus subscription and purchase the PPV event separately. UFC Fight Night events are included as part of the regular ESPN Plus subscription, so no additional purchase is necessary to watch them.


Does Other Streaming Sites Cover ESPN Plus?

No, other streaming sites do not cover ESPN Plus content. ESPN Plus is a streaming service that is owned and operated by ESPN, which is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Therefore, the content available on ESPN Plus is exclusive to that service and cannot be found on other streaming platforms. If you want to watch ESPN Plus content, you need to subscribe to the service directly through ESPN’s website or the ESPN app.

What can be Watched on ESPN Plus?


Archival Library

The collection of past content available on ESPN+ is quite remarkable and justifies the subscription cost of $5.99 per month on its own. By subscribing, you’ll be able to explore the extensive on-demand archives of ESPN Plus, which includes the complete 30 for 30 series. With over a hundred documentaries to choose from within this series alone, you’re bound to find something that captures your attention.


Live Streaming of Sporting Events

ESPN+ is the ultimate destination for watching live sports events. Enthusiasts of college basketball, football, and lacrosse can access a wide range of live-action games on the platform. Additionally, ESPN+ airs exclusive games of Major League Baseball (MLB), Major League Soccer (MLS), and National Hockey League (NHL) that are not available anywhere else. Moreover, viewers can also enjoy select matches of boxing, international soccer, PGA golf, tennis, cricket, and rugby on the platform.



Aside from broadcasting live sports events, ESPN+ also provides exclusive content that includes various types of shows such as athlete-hosted talk shows and documentary series. You can tune in to your favorite athlete’s program like Peyton’s Places, where Peyton Manning delves into the history of the NFL, or Ronda Rousey’s Why We Fight, where she features emerging fighters. Alternatively, you may opt to watch serialized shows such as NBA Rooks, which tracks the journey of rookie players as they navigate the challenges of transitioning to professional basketball.


Features of ESPN Plus

DVR functionality is not available on ESPN+. Therefore, you cannot record live games. However, you have the option to view on-demand content at your convenience.

ESPN Plus allows streaming on three devices simultaneously, except for PPV events which are limited to two devices. These concurrent streams must originate from one user account, as separate user profiles are not an option. Regrettably, there is no trial period offered for ESPN+. To access the service, you must subscribe with a monthly fee of $5.99, you can terminate your subscription at any point.


The Final Cut

Although not identical to the orthodox ESPN, ESPN+ is also owned by the same parent company, but it offers different types of content and services.

ESPN is a traditional cable TV channel that broadcasts a wide range of live sporting events, news, analysis, and commentary. It requires a cable or satellite TV subscription to access.

ESPN+ is a standalone subscription-based streaming service that offers additional content beyond what is available on the ESPN cable TV channel. This includes exclusive live sporting events, original shows, documentaries, and other content that is not available on the cable channel. ESPN+ can be accessed through a mobile app, website, or some streaming devices, and requires a separate subscription fee.


You can subscribe to ESPN+ for a monthly fee of $5.99 or an annual fee of $49.99. Additionally, a 7-day trial period is available for free.

All games and events from other college and professional sports are included in the $5.99 monthly fee, along with those of the Missouri Valley Conference.

You can buy a subscription to ESPN+ through the ESPN App or To view ESPN+ content, fans must first subscribe.

An individual who has subscribed to ESPN+ can access it through the Watch section on the most recent version of the ESPN App. The app can be found on various devices including web browsers, iPhones, iPads, tvOS, Android phones, Roku, Chromecast, and FireTV.

To access the ESPN subscription, you can either use your existing ESPN account to log in or create a new account through the user icon on the desktop. On mobile, you will be asked to log in or create a new account when you arrive at the ESPN App and attempt to purchase the subscription.

To modify your login details on, log in first and then click on the user avatar located at the top-right corner of the webpage.

The video streams at 60 frames per second in high definition on ESPN+ 

It is possible to stream ESPN+ content from your mobile device to your television, but not all TV devices with set-top boxes can do this. Nevertheless, it's important to note that ESPN+ content is only intended for personal and non-commercial use. To learn more about these limitations, please refer to the ESPN+ Subscriber Agreement.

ESPN+ is only available in the United States and has strict licensing policies that restrict its access to other countries outside the United States.
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