Channel 5 is a United Kingdom-originated television network that broadcasts a wide range of programming including news, documentaries, drama, comedies, and reality TV series. It is also ranked among some of the most well reputable television channels across the United Kingdom including BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, and Channel 4. It provides programming to over 20 million households across different platforms including satellite, cables, and IPTV.

The channel is providing a wide range of catchup options, live streaming, and distinctive web content on the website and app, supplementing its online presence. Through its heterogeneous programming channel, 5 has established itself as a dominant force in the United Kingdom television market.


Channel 5 is a free-to-air television network that was aired for the first time on 30th March 1997. It is the fifth terrestrial broadcaster in the United Kingdom and is owned by the media conglomerate, RTL group. The launching of channel 5 held significant importance in the United Kingdom because it was the first network to be launched in over a decade. In 1995 Channel 5 received the License from the Independent television commission (ITC) for almost 10 years and it started running its test transmissions in January 1997 followed by its complete launch later in March, Initially, it offered a combination of different programs like news, entertainment, drama, and sports.
However, the channel in its early years came under different controversies and financial distress followed by a low audience and criticism over the content quality. However, the breakthrough came when the channel was sold to a german media company, RTL group who injected a lot of capital into the channel and enhanced its programming quality.
In recent years channel 5 has been consistently evolving and has shown great determination in the production of original content since it was acquired by Viacom (Paramount global) in 2014.
The channel has increased its range of programs and has been constantly improving its content to increase its audience reach.

Best Tv Shows To Watch On Channel 5

Founded in 1997, channel 5 has changed hands several times. This structural change affected the quality and programming of the channel too. With time and capital injection, channel 5 just got better and better, the latest version of it has to be the best of it. It is a free-to-air British Tv network that only resides in the United Kingdom and brings forth popular tv shows, movies, history, documentaries, and news.
However, it is only reachable to the UK audience and is geo-restricted in other regions. However, with the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), this channel can be accessed in different countries. Having said that, let’s just deep dive into the list of some of the best shows you can watch on Channel 5 that we have narrowed down for you. The list contains some of the popular Tv shows for adults as well as kid shows that make channel 5 a source of entertainment and congenial.

Adult Shows to watch on Channel 5

The Blacklist (2013-2023)

Director: Andrew Macarthy / Michele W.Watkins / Donald E. Thorin Jr

Writer: Jon Bokenkamp / Taylor Martin

Stars: James Spader / Megan Boone / Diego Klattenhoff / Amir Arison

Genre: Crime / Mystery

IMDB Rating: 8.0

Seasons: 10

This show is about a former government agent and one of the most wanted federal fugitives named Raymond “Red” Reddington who has been tracked down by United States law enforcement agencies for the past 20 years. Surprisingly, one day the hitman surrenders himself to the FBI and this shocking event gets more apprehensive when he (Raymond Reddington) asks to assist the police department in catching other criminals. The only condition he puts forward is regarding his alliance in this project with a new FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen.


Lucifer (2016-2021)

Director: Nathan Hope / Louis Shaw Milito

Writer: Mike Dringenberg / Neil Gaiman / Tom Kapinos

Stars: Tom Ellis / Lauren German / Kevin Alejandro

Genre: Crime / Fantasy

IMDB Rating: 8.1

Seasons: 6

After being banished from his duties in hell Lucifer morningstar finds Earth as his new home. He starts living a normal life in Los Angeles among ordinary humans and tries to help them in resolving their matters using his peerless qualities and experience. Life on earth becomes pleasurable for him as he utilizes the desires and thoughts of the people and fulfills them.
He even opens a nightclub in the city but one day he comes across a federal detective with whom he establishes an association. The detective helps him in becoming an LAPD consultant and together they manhunt the criminals and retribute them.


Ransom (2017-2019)

Director: Eleanore Lindo / Sturla Gunnarsson

Writer: Frank Spotnitz / David Vainola

Stars: Luke Roberts / Brandon Jay McLaren / Sarah Greene / Nazneen Contractor

Genre: Crime / Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Seasons: 3

Ransom is unarguably one of the most captivating and enticing tv series which is internationally co-produced by David Vainola. It is ranked among the best tv shows to watch on channel 5 in the United States due to its amazing storyline and casting. The plot of the series is about a renowned crisis and hostage negotiator and his team who examine human behavior and create strategies for resolving complex cases of kidnaps and ransom.
This group provides international assistance to various organizations and government agencies in problem-solving. On the other hand, another highlight of this show is how these individuals create a balance between their personal and professional life.


All Creatures Great and Small (2020)

Director: Andy Hay / Metin Huseyin

Writer: Chloe Mi Lin Ewart / Lisa Holdsworth

Stars: Nicholas Ralph / Rachel Shenton / Samuel West / Callum Woodhouse

Genre: Comedy

IMDB Rating: 8.6

Seasons: 4

All creatures great and small is based on a series of books that were written by Alf Wight about the veterinarian practice in the 1930s to 1940s Yorkshire, England. The veterinarian named James Harriot is the highlight of the show, his admirable exploitation and good gestures of the staff has been a treat to watch. Channel 5 original All creatures great and small has proven all the critics wrong.

The Disappearance (2017)

Director: Peter Stebbings

Writer: Normand Daneau / Geneviève Simard

Stars: Aden Young / Michael Riendeau / Peter Coyote / Camille Sullivan

Genre: Mystery

IMDB Rating: 7.1

 Seasons: 1

The disappearance is a reality-based psychological family drama. On his 10th birthday, a young kid named Anthony Sullivan goes missing mysteriously while he was out on a treasure hunt. This event leaves the family in dismay and they quickly gather to run out for investigation where the story takes a turnaround while searching for Anthony they come across some petrifying hidden old family secrets that are linked to the boy’s disappearance.


Kids Show to watch on Channel 5

We have bifurcated both adults and children that channel 5 offers and who are equally good in terms of their storylines and casting. Below we have mentioned the top 5 kids shows that Channel 5 air for your ward’s entertainment.

Santiago of the Seas (2020)

Director: Christopher Graham

Writer: Niki Lopez / Leslie Valdes / Valerie Walsh

Stars: Dave Droxler / Dean Scott Vazquez / Justice Quiroz

Genre: Action / Animation

IMDB Rating: 6.8

Seasons: 2

Santiago of the seas is an anime series that highlights an adventurous 8-year-old pirate who along with his cousin Tomas, frog kiko, and mermaid lorelai sails on his magical pirate ship. On their way, they have to face and outsmart their enemies and villains to ensure the safety and security of the Caribbean high seas which depend upon their shoulders. Spanish language along with Latino Caribbean culture and education has been interwoven into the program.

Olly the Little White Van (2011-2013)

Director: Dave Garbett

Writer: Henry Becket / Phil Gallagher / Dave Garbett

Stars: Andy Nyman / Justin Fletcher / Holly-Marie Michael

Genre: Animation / Family

IMDB Rating: 6.0


Unlike other animated shows, Olly the little white van targets the little ones in a very distinctive manner. Unlike other vans that can be seen on the roads, Olly is a van that is used for fruitful purposes. Olly along with its driver stan works on the provision of needful to the people and in this process they both have to go through adventures and mishaps that are found hurdling their cause. The gist of the show is quite amazing and the content is highly recommendable for the little ones.

Sunny Bunnies (2015)

Director: Andrew Ledenev

Writer: Sergey Gashnikov / Andrew Tolkachev / Andrew Ledenev

Stars: Dmitri Davidovich / Svetlana Tsimokhina / Kimberly Foudy

Genre: Family / Comedy

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Seasons: 6

The series centers on 5 colored bunnies namely Turbo, Big Boo, Iris, Shiny, and Hopper. They are usually in Sunny Park and always have an adventure. The show promotes kids’ comedy and the intent behind the content is to make children enjoy the show in a very humorous environment.


Blue’s Clues & You! (2019)

Director: Vadim Kapridov, M.R. Horhager

Writer: Traci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler

Stars: Joshua Dela Cruz / Traci Paige Johnson / Doug Murray

Genre: Comedy / Adventure

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Seasons: 5

This show offers huge viewer interaction with blue and joshes inviting the viewers to play alongside them and solve puzzles. The clues are identified in blue with each signature paw print on it. Together blue and josh work out together in searching for the clues and keep you interacting with them along the way as they solve the puzzles at the end of the game. The show is educational and allows children to use their minds as they help the hosts.


Peppa (2004)

Director: Mark Baker / Neville Astley / Joris van Hulzen

Writer: Neville Astley / Mark Baker / Phil Hall

Stars: John Sparkes / Morwenna Banks / Richard Ridings

Genre: Adventure / Comedy

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Seasons: 7

Peppa pig is one of the very best shows that Channel 5 breathes air. It outlines everyday adventures, journeys, and mishap stories about Peppa pig, his brother George and their parents. The other families of different animals also indulged in Peppa Pigs’ daily adventures. Peppa has different animal friends namely Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, and Candy Cat. Children love the way Peppa conversates and his traits inspire the young ones as it draws their attention easily.


Channel 5 which aired in 1997 went through a lot of criticism during its early years and with frequent changes in the ownership, it bounced back too. The government too backed this project and showed immense support in the setting up of this project. With time the quality of the content produced by the channel has upgraded and the current state of the project just defines how well it is being catered. The programming of the channel is just stupendous and it provides bedazzling content for both adults and children. The channel is free to air in the United Kingdom and can also be accessed in geo-restricted areas with the use of a Virtual private network. It can also be streamed using different streaming services like My5 and Amazon Prime Video etc.


In some countries like the UK channel 5 is free and is available on terrestrial television satellite television and cable for free. It depends upon which medium you're using because if you're watching it online there is a chance that you have to pay or buy a subscription to access the channel. As the channel is geo-restricted it is only accessible in limited regions while other countries have to use payments and buy subscriptions. 

Channel 5 offers a wide variety of programs such as news, movies, dramas, documentaries, and sports. 

Yes, you can watch channel 5 through their website or by using other streaming methods such as TV Player, My5, Amazon Prime Video, and Freeview Play. Note that the availability of the service depends upon your location and region. 

Yes, channel 5 offers subtitles for most of its programming including live streaming and pre-recorded shows. 

Channel 5 is a UK-based television network that intends to provide its services to viewers residing in the UK only. Since channel 5 has geo-restrictions several streaming mediums have been working to provide its content to different regions where channel 5 doesn't exist 

Yes it is possible to access Channel 5 from a geo-restricted area with the use of a virtual private network. Channel 5 is a UK-based television network that is not available in other regions so to access the channel you have to change your location and make it appear as if you are operating from the UK. However, not every VPN proves to be useful in streaming channel 5 and the use of a VPN may violate the terms and conditions of the services of the network which may result in your subscription being banned or suspended. 
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