According to the Captain America 4 star, the film takes Sam Wilson’s MCU arc “full circle.”


Although Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has left the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson is carrying on the Captain America franchise. As Wilson now takes on the mantle of Captain American, he is rumored to be facing off against the legendary Cap villains in the Serpent Society in Captain America: Brave New World, which is set to debut next year. Despite the fact that the plot of the film is still being kept under lock and key, Mackie claims that working on it has brought his time in the MCU full circle.


It kind of brought my Marvel experience full circle because we shot in D.C. at the same hotel that we shot ‘Winter Soldier’ at,”

Mackie told TheWrap during a pre-WGA strike interview.

One of my first Marvel scenes was me sitting at a table talking to the senator and me and Chris [Evans] and Scarlett [ Johansson] kidnapping him and we went back and we stayed at the same hotel and we shot in that same area. So in that regard, it was really emotional to think how far my character has come and where he is now after the 10 years that I’ve been in the MCU.


@SS_S_comicunix tweets about Mackie’s statement regarding his full circle with MCU’s Captain America story arc:

Given that Marvel Studios frequently employs the same cast and crew from one project to the next, Mackie compares working on Marvel projects with going to summer camp and catching up with everyone.


These Marvel movies have kind of turned into summer camp. You go to set and there’s people that you’ve known for 10, 12 years now that you’ve worked with and got to know and people have kids and people get divorced and people buy homes,”

Mackie added.

So it’s like going back to see your old friends. So it was really easy. At no point in time did I feel like it was a different experience from any of the other Marvel movies I’ve done. It was just a great experience, you can only go down from here.


Captain America: Brave New World is currently set to hit theaters next year on August 26, 2024.


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