Brad Pitt and Travis Scott have a strong French connection.


The “Sicko Mode” rapper recorded his latest album, UTOPIA, at Pitt’s legendary Miraval Studios, which is located within the 59-year-old’s 2,200-acre Château Miraval in the south of France. Legends Inc. published the tidbit in a Saturday Instagram post, but the signs were there all along.


In fact, when Miraval Studios’ verified Instagram account posted a photo on July 30 of Scott dropping bars on the mic — with the caption “@travisscott making history” — the rapper dropped a comment saying, “I miss my house.” Just a few weeks prior, on July 9, Scott posted a snippet on Instagram of the recording process from Miraval Studios.


Scott’s UTOPIA album, which features Beyoncé, Kid Cudi, Sza, Drake, and 21 Savage among others, was released on July 28.


Miraval Studios, an eight-hour journey south of Paris, was once the music home of Pink Floyd and Sade before Pitt bought the winery and breathed new life into it. According to a fascinating Billboard profile published in October 2022, the studio is fully equipped with three video and sound editing booths, production offices, a recording studio, kitchen, artist salon, two guest suites, a 115-foot saltwater pool, and a rooftop that offers breathtaking views of the exquisite estate. posted a series of photos from the Pitt-owned Miraval Studios, earning the post 45.3K+ likes:


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@miravalstudios posted a photo from the renowned recording studio on July 30th garnering the post 5.1K+ likes:


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Pitt officially reopened Miraval Studios in 2022 with the assistance of French producer-engineer Damien Quintard.


By the way, if Château Miraval sounds familiar, it’s due to the fact that the vineyard has made a lot of headlines over the years, including when Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016. The exes first bought the vineyard in 2008, then she sold her stake in 2021 when her previous investment firm, Nouvel, sold it to Tenute del Mondo, which is part of the Stoli Group, a Russia-affiliated spirits conglomerate.


Just last month, the vineyard drama heated up again, with apparently no end in sight.


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